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Beginners Paradise for Vegetable Gardening

How to Grow Mint Leaves (Podeena)

Sunny Mint leaves

Mint Leave is very beautiful and lush green vegetable and easily recognized if place anywhere in the house by its unique fragrance. It is being used in kitchen may be just after the big bang. Mint leaves are very easy to grow in any weather condition and in any part of the world even in sea, desert, and even in mountain areas.

You can grow it in two ways. First is seed method and second through its branches. Buy seeds from any seed shop and sow in any type of soil water it deeply and after one week all the seeds will grow. You can also grow it by taking its any shape of branches and sow those branches in watered soil and keep watering branch daily up to seven days then give water according its needs.

How to Make Home Vegetable Garden More Beautiful and Attractive

Attractive Vegetable Garden

Although the vegetable garden itself looks beautiful but not so attractive .Vegetable garden with selecting and creating landscaping surely make your garden so charming that anyone will be forced to praise your sense of aesthetic and it will make you so happy and satisfied within yourself.First of all take bamboos and cu it into pieces and make boundary of your vegetable garden by painting bamboos red color.

Secondly make use of your corners of garden by placing vessels and putting some stones between vessels to give look of Small Mountain you can also grow flowers inside your corners. Thirdly take used tyres of van, fill it with some soil and hanged on the walls or on trees branches. You can color the tyres as you like.. You can also make lights arrangement at night to create attractive and romantic vegetable garden. Always feel pride and fun while working in your home vegetable garden because you going to save budget health of your house mates. Lastly you can grow small banana trees to make your garden more green and attractive and in this way can get lot bananas for your family to eat because bananas growth is very rapid. Find more info on .

Coriander (Dhania) Recipes


In my earlier post I have told you that Coriander is the world most easy and fast growing vegetable so get benefit from this magical vegetable. Always keep stick with coriander in all food because it is very healthy and tasty to eat alone or by cooking with other things. It is being used for taste and to make relish (chutney) combining with other vegetables.

I have tasted it very delicious when combining with young garlic branches.

Coriander (Dhania) Chatney (relish) Recipes

1.                  Take one cup of  fresh and chopped Coriander

2.                  Take 20 to 30 green branches of young garlic

3.                  3 to 4 green chilies

Combine all these things and grind this compound by adding some water or yogurt.

One thing must remember that always wash coriander, mint leaves, garlic leaves and spinach etc before cutting, to get real taste and freshness. Don’t wash after chopping because in this way you can lose vitamins and taste into water.

 Now pour this grinned mixture into bowl and eat with hot chapatis, I am sure you will love this relish to eat and smell. I will tell you the benefits of Coriander in my next post.

Worlds Most Demanding Vegetable


Coriander (Dhania) is the worlds most demanding and basic requirement of every kitchen. This is also world’s easiest vegetable to grow . Just take Coriander (Broken or Full) from  any general store and sow in any soil. Must be taking care of one thing that before sowing into soil, it must be in broken shape. You can break by putting Coriander between both palm of your hands and then rub this as much as you can. After sowing water the soil and after four to five days you will be glade to see lush green Coriander at your home, Pot or in any vessel also. You can cultivate it just after 20 days and how much you cut it more it grow rapidity. Watering regularly two times in a week up to roots level is enough and you will enjoy the fragrance color and taste of freshness of home-made Coriander. I am sure you will also feel the satisfaction and pride to grow this basic vegetable. On successful cultivation it will pavé the way towards your vegetables farms.

Start Vegetable Gardening Today – No Experience is Required

Vegetable Gardening Today

Now everyone can start to grow vegetables at home or anywhere without any experience is possible and it’s working in all conditions and weather . At start I was very upset about from where and when to start growing but slow and steadily I learnt the art and  techniques of successful vegetable gardening at home and I also learnt about how to grow vegetable rapidly and quickly There are lots of vegetables that we can grow  but we have to take care about experience, sowing season, weather and type of soil. Coriander (Dhania), Mint Leaves (Pudeena), Garlic (Lehson), Corn , Maize Plant, Tomato ,Radish, Beet (chuqandar), Carrot(Gajar), Spinach (Palik),Peas (Mattar), Papper (Mirchi), Onion (Piaz) Lettuce (Salad Patta)These are the basic vegetables that anyone can grow today with out any experience everywhere without any experience. In my next posts you will lean the methods of growing these vegetables one by one in details.

Tips for Rapid Growth of Vegetables


After selecting the site, the next stage is making the soil cultivable for for Rapid Growth of Vegetables . First of all water the soil as much as you can with the help of water pipe and then let the soil dry to dig it out. Make sure that there should no extra bushes, herbs or small plants into your this site. Cut the mud into pieces and then mixed it with some natural fertilizer, for this purpose no need to buy from the market. You can use dry dung of the cattle’s from cattle farm for free to use as fertilizer. Mix the soil and dung properly to make good compound.


The next stage is preparing seeds beds to sow seeds. Remember that seed beds should not be so high and lengthy; they must be small .The space between seed beds must be so much that you can walk easily. Special take the level of water and make arrangement to drain seeds bed for when of heavy rail or excessive watering.

Beginners Tools for Vegetable Gardening

There are lot of tools are available in market to start gardening and for this you have to pay the cost of tools that will effect your income but here I am going to tell you all the tools methods or things to need for vegetable gardening are mostly free or cost less.

Water Pipe: Water plastic  pipe is requirement of every house so you can use your already purchased water pipe to clean house so no need to invest for shower or for new water pipe. This pipe will be used for watering the plants.


Blade Digger: Blade digger is very useful tool for cultivation and for preparing the soil according to your own will and wish. This tool will be used to dig and to press the mud soil. You can go to old iron market and buy just for nothing a Blade digger with out handle, you can use any wood or spare iron bar handle at home and can save money not buying handle form market.

Hammer: Almost all houses must have hammer for nail pegging or for any thing to do. I think this is the basic necessity for any house so it will be already available at your home so use that hammer for vegetable gardening. If you have not, then buy from used item shops with very less pocket money. Hammer will be used to breaker the stone or pegging the nails for covering the vegetable for off seasonal vegetable.

 Pruning Scissor:  You can use any scissor available at home for cutting edges of any plant for making design  or for other work in garden. It’s also used to cut the extra flowers,branches and bushes.

 Soil fork: Soil fork (Khurpa) is used to make the soil soft and to cut the extra shrubs and to dig out the grass. Iron blade with wooden curve handle will be very handy and useful easily in vegetable garden. You can make at home just take any small iron rod and press one end with hammer to make it sharp .